Retired Marine General Latest to Admonish Trump

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
The Street

The number of high-ranking ex-military members blasting Trump has grown every day. Add a Marine general to the list.

Please note that retired top Marine Gen. John Allen joins Mattis dissent from Trump.

Allen warns of ‘Beginning of the End’ for Democracy if troops are used against protests.

Allen, the former commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said Trump’s halting Rose Garden speech in which he declared himself the “president of law and order,” the use of tear gas on protesters outside the White House and the church photo op that followed Monday was a “stunning” moment and potentially a pivotal one.

“Donald Trump expressed only the barest of condolences at the murder of George Floyd, but he also said nothing about the fundamental and underlying reasons for the unrest: systemic racism and inequality, a historic absence of respect, and a denial of justice,” Allen wrote.

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