Putting Facts Together: What They Won’t Do

by Karl Denninger

None of this is in dispute; if you have an argument to make with any of these alleged facts let’s hear it in the comments, with your data source.

  • As many as half, and in some states as many as 80%, of people who have died from Covid-19 were nursing home or other long-term-care home residents.
  • Black people have a higher fatality rate for the virus than white people. Various commentators have attempted to explain this as a race-based difference in health care access, although no such evidence actually exists (e.g. in KY, where the Governor has announced an explicitly racist and thus unconstitutional program to “cover all black people” with health insurance — a program based on ethnicity and thus constitutionally impermissible.) However, black people also have a higher attack rate than whites, which cannot be explained by any alleged difference in health-care access. Obviously, if you are attacked at a higher rate given the same percentage of bad outcomes more of that group on a numerical basis will have bad outcomes.
  • Meat-packing plant workers have a materially higher attack rate than non meat-packing workers. Said workers are also over-represented, by a lot, among Hispanics.

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