Playing Cops And Robbers | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 568)

from The Daily Wire

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The media get caught in another race hoax, CHAZ/CHOP goes bicoastal, and Jimmy Kimmel gives a fake apology to the woke mob.

0:00 – NASCAR Race Hoax (Opening)
2:05 – Viewer Comment / Question
3:07 – New viral race hoax
10:12 – Eskimo Pies canceled
11:54 – BHAZ vandalism of St. John’s Church
12:56 – BLM yelling at black cops
19:10 – Trump finally going to use force?
23:20 – BLM political party
29:48 – Jimmy Kimmel apology
32:21 – The Man Show
36:04 – Howard Stern
40:13 – Oregon mask racial order
42:09 – Ben Stiller: replace Teddy Roosevelt with Robin Williams
44:30 – Restoration gone wrong

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