‘More Police Officers Are Shot and Killed by Blacks Than Police Officers Kill African-Americans,’ Claims Former New York Mayor Giuliani

‘I think logically, 99%, if not more, of the police contact with the public is appropriate,’ Giuliani says

by Mark DeCambre
Market Watch

‘More police officers are shot and killed by blacks than police officers kill African-Americans.’

That’s former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani offering his perspective to Fox News on rising concerns that police disproportionately kill black Americans.

“The unarmed shootings — which are the ones that are the troublesome ones — there are only 9 of them against blacks — 20 against whites in 2019. So that‘ll give you a sense. Meanwhile, there were 9,000 murders of blacks, 7,500 of which were black-on-black,” Giuliani told Fox’s Ed Henry during a recent interview.

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