MAGA Firebrand Candace Owens Suspended from GoFundMe After Raising $205,000 for Restaurant Owner Who Called George Floyd a ‘Thug’

The account was suspended because of a pattern of “inflammatory statements that spread hate, discrimination, intolerance and falsehoods against the black community”

by Shawn Langlois
Market Watch

Candace Owens stirred up the Black Lives Matter conversation last week when she assailed George Floyd as “neither a martyr or a hero” in video on Twitter. Her message was later amplified by President Trump after she talked about the protests in a chat with Glenn Beck.

Here’s her stance:

As that clip went viral, a Birmingham, Ala. cafe owner Michael Dykes, according to, sent out a message in which he called protesters “idiots” for memorializing Floyd. He said the cafe should increase prices as a “protest tax” and employees who participated in the protests should resign.

“Mr. Floyd was a thug, didn’t deserve to die but honoring a thug is irresponsible,” he said.

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