Investing in Copper & Platinum Digital Currency: Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin


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Some of today’s questions:
Keith J: When the currency goes digital, what good will holding gold/silver be thereafter once the new system goes digital? Have you considered that the new digital currency being intrinsically fiat may not need a gold backing?
Andru E: I would like to know your thoughts on investing in other metals such as copper and platinum.
Wash Ant: If a gold confiscation were to happen, can that executive order be amended to include gold collectibles as well?
Richard S: What would have happened to the U.S. economy if Nixon had NOT suspended, then closed the “Gold Window?”
Victoria B: Sometimes I see the stock market keep going up, and all the rhetoric about the Post Corona Recovery and think, maybe it’ll keep going up forever? Maybe gold wont have its day and it’ll just be suppressed ? And maybe nothing will change, and it’ll just be the same old story with stocks?

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