Greed Has Taken a Back Seat to Fear with Nick Santiago (Ep #64)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends. Today we discuss:

1. Unemployment continues to gradually decline. rends are getting better. Covid uptick. With states opening and riots and demonstrations all over the place and it’s obvious. Death rate is continuing to decline. Hospitalizatons are up slightly.

2. Everything is down across the board. We’ve been pulling back on the S&P since June 8. Financials are down. JP down 5%. Right now we’re in pullback mode. It’s steady and gradual. Probably continues into July 4th. We’re down 2% so far today. It’s normal to get sideways movement after a huge advance. It’s a slow bleed.

3. Down on the week, assuming we close down today. The Fed could start buying stocks any day now. They’ve already said they’re buying corporate bonds and they’re prepared to buy ETF’s. During the last meeting they said they’ve got a lot of tools at their disposal, they don’t want the market too heated up.

4. Another stimulus is on its way. Nick’s not a fan of creating more debt. Adding more isn’t gonna help, but may help drive the market. The amount of debt is mind boggling.

5. Lots of negatives, Covid uptick, unemployment static, reopening fears, etc. The market will digest them and move accordingly.

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