Donald Trump Personally Wants Statue of Freemason Leader Albert Pike to Be Resurrected

from Press For Truth

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Albert Pike is highly revered among Freemasons all over the world, he is the author of Morals And Dogma which many consider to be the bible of freemasonry. On the evening of June 19th 2020 the statue was toppled, spray painted and set on fire by protesters who wanted it removed because of Pike’s racist history. Just one week later President Donald Trump personally requested that THAT particular statue (of all the ones recently defaced) should be resurrected immediately and those responsible for taking it down should be arrested. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why erasing history by toppling statues is a bad idea while also explaining Pike’s true motives and intentions by reading from his own words which raises serious questions as to why Trump would want to erect Pike’s statue over all the rest.

Statue of Confederate general Albert Pike toppled in Washington DC | George Floyd protests……

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