Democrat Cities: Fourth-World Scourges

by Rich Logis
American Thinker

When the terrorists become bored and cease terrorizing, when the flames are extinguished, when those who died in the riots are buried and cremated, when the shards of glass from storefronts are disposed of, and when livelihoods are permanently lost, Democrats will still run the vast majority of the deadliest and most dangerous cities in the U.S.

Death and destruction always follow Democrat policies and culture. Stagnant local economies. Unsafe streets for children. Gun crime. Failing schools. Breathtaking corruption. Problems with the police. Property crime. Poverty. Poor public health. Single- or no-parent homes. All are found in abundance in Democrat-run cities, and found overwhelmingly in majority-black neighborhoods.

So who are the true “racists”? By every objective measure and metric, Democrat-run cities are the unequivocal worst places in America to live.

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