Chutzpah Cities: Bailouts, Beggings, and Food Deserts, Starting with Minneapolis

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

There are a lot of blue cities out there with an unusual sense of entitlement. We got the first whiff of it during the coronavirus stimulus debate, as mismanaged blue metropolises demanded pension and other unrelated bailouts from Congress from what were supposed to be emergency response funds.

But now in the wake of riots, they’re really getting bad. They’re demanding taxpayer bailouts for riot damage after failing to protect their cities, all so they could claim they were woke. They’re begging big box retailers not to pull up stakes and leave after allowing them to be trashed and looted. They’re complaining about sudden food deserts appearing as inner-city shopkeepers are thrown out of business after being robbed, burned, and destroyed and wondering why these stores don’t re-open. It all underlines an amazing failure to recognize any consequences for bad decisions taken, coupled with a howling sense of entitlement. Call these solid blue failures “Chutzpah Cities.”

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