Calling Mainstream News “Fake” Is Not “Dangerous”

by Ben Bartee
The Daily Bell

In America in 2020, journalists are television actors. They don’t practice journalism. They are counterfeit specimens of mediocrity hiding behind the crumbling façade of a once-respected profession. They peddle CIA and Wall Street talking points in exchange for remaining in the good graces of power, and they do it all for access and advertiser bucks. In short, they do fake news. A spade is a spade; calling it by its name is not any sort of transgression.

Contrary to their claims, attacks on CNN are not attacks on the Fifth Estate because CNN is not a news agency. Rather, CNN is home of propagandists for multinational corporations, loyal lapdogs to power, and duty-filled bootlickers. By virtue of their craven subservience to their masters, they do not deserve respect.

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