Antifa Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood?

by Rick Ackerman

Just when toilet paper supplies were starting to loosen up, we learn there’s a run on pepper spray. Do people who live in or near big cities dare leave home without it? You may be in greater danger than you think, what with Antifa threatening to fan out into the suburbs. More effective than pepper spray would be a lawn sign advertising your zealous support for the Second Amendment. Concerning the looting and riots, which seem to have quieted now that the weekend is past, seekers of ‘social justice’ missed a historical opportunity to make a magisterial impression with candlelight vigils across the land for the late George Floyd. The impact that peaceful marches might have had has gotten lost in a blaze of looting, mayhem and rage, much of it captured, with horrifying explicitness, in videos that ran 24/7 over the weekend on the major networks. The lingering images will pose a serious setback for the aspirations of black Americans while boosting the electability in November of candidates known for taking a strong stand on law and order.

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