Why Your Social Security Could Be Cut Next Year

Tough choices lie ahead

[Ed. Note: They’re not going to cut your Social Security. They’re going to create the money out of thin air and pay you in confetti dollars.]

by Paul Brandus
Market Watch

Ugh. Seen the price of eggs lately? Up 16.1% in April, according to the Department of Labor’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI). And that’s not all. Meat, poultry, fish, baked goods, beverages, dairy are up. Fruits and vegetables too. They all went up last month, pushing grocery prices higher by—get this—the most in nearly 50 years. 50 years!

That’s pain. And unless you’re loaded, choices have to be made. Especially if you’re heavily dependent on a fixed income stream like Social Security—like millions of senior citizens are.

What do I mean by heavily dependent? According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), Americans aged 65 and over:

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