To Karens, Governors and Trump: Go Blow a Goat

by Karl Denninger

The evidence continues to pile up related to the massive pack of lies we were sold with regard to Covid-19.

Some of the latest include the cruise ship in Antarctica, on which 81% of infections were asymptomatic. In addition while this virus is considered “universally transmissible” and very, very contagious roughly half on board never got infected at all.

That implies that as much as half of the population may be immune due to cross-immunity with other coronaviruses which, I remind you, cause something like a third of all colds.

These two facts continue to back up what I’ve been pointing out since Diamond Princess; it was inconceivable that the pattern we saw on that boat was valid unless either there was quite-material immunity already in the population, there was a huge amount of “silent” infection taking place (asymptomatic) or both.

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