There is Only Up

You’re living through history folks. Never in history has there been negative rates. Never in history has a central bank been this powerful. We’re in the very description of “never seen before” and if anyone says they know how it all works out, they’re lying. Get more popcorn, this show ain’t over.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

Sometimes you look at this market and shake your head. We are really not very far from the all-time highs. And yet for the most part, our nation has been effectively shut down. Then there’s the employment issues. Let’s look:

Friday. Friday was jobs day, and we got the most horrific non farm payroll report in about 90 years. But, instead of the market crashing on the news, we ran higher. Much higher. 400+ points higher. What gives?

You all know what gives. The Federal Reserve gives. And gives and gives. What you might not know, is how it does it and why. So let’s dive into that cesspool and see how they’re doing the MLM (Magic levitation machine)

The Feds (so far anyway) don’t have the legal mandate to buy stocks outright. But that doesn’t mean they can’t. They just have to be creative about it. So first, there’s no question that thee major Wall Street banks take some of their Repo money, and use it to buy stocks. That’s without question.

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