Taking the Red Pill | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 547)

from The Daily Wire

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Furious at crazy left-wing covid policies, Elon Musk takes the so-called “red pill,” prompting right-wingers to claim the Tesla boss as a conservative and left-wingers to call him a Nazi. (They think everybody’s a Nazi.) Speaking of which, a left-wing Harvard professor praises Nazi education policy, the American Civil Liberties Union comes out swinging against civil liberties, and the mainstream media get caught with their masks down. Red pills for everybody.

0:40 Elon’s Red Pill Moment
7:53 Protestors Attacking Fake News
11:47 CNN and Kaitlin Collins Lets The Mask Slip
15:05 The Media Used to Joke About Creepy Joe Biden
24:54 ACLU Sells Out… Again
30:37 Harvard Attacks Homeschooling
37:56 Trump Slaps Obama
41:27 James Woods and Trump

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