Seriously?! – CDC Admits Virus is Almost Impossible to Die From! – This is Insane!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on a new CDC study that shows the coveted virus that has lead to mass lockdowns and a global depression (at least as a catalyst) has about a 0.26% mortality rate.
Moreover, if you remove nursing homes from the equation it’s about a 0.1% mortality rate if you HAVE it. If you consider the asymptomatic numbers, that actually puts the likelihood realistically if you have it down to as low as 0.04%. The final figure represented by the CDC not including pre-existing conditions, age or real asymptomatic numbers shows a likelihood for the average person of 1 in 6,745 of dying from the virus.

Meanwhile millions face death from poverty and the biggest global depression in history. Unemployment is cratering and 52% of small businesses say they will likely never reopen.

People are being beaten and arrested for walking down the street without contraptions on their face that don’t actually work. People are being told that if they wish to leave their house in the future, they’ll have to be tracked everywhere.

But again, the original numbers by the CDC were around 3.5% mortality and stretched at one point as high as 7%. We’ve been lied to.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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