Pandemic Disaster Stories: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? with Carole Lieberman, MD

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. Carole Lieberman of Beverly Hills, California is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, author, forensic expert witness, and legal analyst.

It’s clearly a case of the so-called cure being worse than the disease. No doubt Covid-19 is a very serious virus, however, closing down the world economy and alienating everyone with social distancing and limited travel will have far worse consequences. People who required elective medical procedures will wind up having with incurable cancers and other diseases that could have been helped had they been treated timely. And the toll on the medical staff, doctors, nurses and technical staff has been severe. They often didn’t have proper protective gear and caught the virus themselves or spread it to others. Hopefully a sound analysis will be done and these problems will be remedied before the next pandemic hits.

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