Most Places Are Not New York: A Look Through the Covid-19 Data

by James L. Caton
The American Institute for Economic Research

Dr. Erickson “A state like New York. . . the state of New York, an entire state, has 19.4 million. In. . . New York City they are really close together. Where I live, in Kern County, we have 900,000 people, it’s one of the biggest counties in California. Everyone is spread out. We drive cars. We don’t ride the subway. . . If they said, doctor, how would you open up New York and how would you open up California. Would you have a same or a different strategy?

Dr. Wittkowski “. . . [I]f it’s closely populated like New York, you can get very high spikes. In a country that is not very closely populated you would never have such a high spike because it takes more time for the virus to travel from one place to the next. So I think there is no reason anywhere in the United States to say ‘we need to continue with this second prohibition.’”

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