Jonathan Davis: Gold and Uranium – The Best Sectors to Make Profits in This Environment

from Palisade Radio

Jonathan Davis discusses why Uranium is all set up; it’s just a matter of waiting.

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Jonathan Davis is the host of the Booms Busts podcast and “The Wealth Advisor” for Jonathan Davis Wealth Management. He joins the program to discuss how the world is changing. COVID has brought forward the mess that was likely to happen regardless. We have a massive debt and liability problem, but dwelling on that fact won’t make investors any money.

He argues that the only currency you should own is the US dollar and gold. Those are the only two forms of money worth having given where we are today. He focuses on ETF’s and various funds that match his current investing methodology instead of picking individual stocks.

He discusses the uranium sector, and it’s current trivial valuations. He says, “Uranium is all set up; it’s just a matter of waiting for it to happen.” He is very bullish on this sector for the next three to four years.

Gold will likely take until 2025 to reach the $5000 range, but he fully expects to see $2000 this year.

Time Stamp References:
0:20 – Introduction
2:20 – How the world is changing.
5:25 – Investments in periods of turmoil.
10:30 – Two currencies exist in the world.
13:00 – Active funds he uses.
16:50 – Uranium looks excellent.
22:30 – Forecasts for Gold/Uranium.
27:30 – Things that bug Jonathan.

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