Chris Vermeulen: Fiat Currency is a Better Store of Value Than Bitcoin

from Palisade Radio

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Tom welcomes Chris back to the program, Chris is the CEO & Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.

Chris is expecting another market correction since the fundamentals for the market have only worsened. Small investors have been piling in while smart money has been exiting. He feels that “The average person is going to get completely slaughtered.”

He is bullish on silver, as it seems primed for a move higher.

Chris is reserved on cryptocurrencies; for him, they are difficult to trade, and they lack as a store of value since it can be challenging to take profits.

We could see a dip in gold when markets sell-off, but since March, the fundamentals have changed in terms of investor psychology. This time people will be primarily concerned about losing money and instead of selling everything may choose to change sectors. Investors may instead strategically move to other hotter sectors like gold.

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Time Stamp References:
0:30 – Recent market events.
2:45 – Lookout for a double-bottom in stocks.
5:30 – Natural Gas outlook.
7:10 – Lower prices again for oil?
8:30 – Optimism for silver.
11:45 – Difficulties with cryptocurrencies.
14:30 – Possibility of a dip in gold.
16:30 – Disconnect between paper and physical.
18:15 – Be wary of another dip in stocks.

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