China is Setting the Stage for the Next Major War

by Robert Arvay
American Thinker

Before the ink was dry on the treaty that ended World War 1, planning began for the Second World War. That is not far from the truth. The 1920s and ’30s saw Japan, Germany, and Italy seeking to expand their military forces, including in the case of Japan and Germany, in violation of treaties.

Japan transitioned from a nascent democracy to a brutal military dictatorship, while Hitler began laying the groundwork for his rise to power. Mussolini of Italy had plans to establish a sort of second Roman Empire and sent his army to Ethiopia to begin it.

The history of that era, the 1920s and ’30s, is a convoluted interplay of events that seemed almost orchestrated to lead to war. Large wars do not begin spontaneously. Long before the first shot is fired, years of preparation have taken place.

Today, the prelude to the next major war is underway. While the events are different, the parallels are striking.

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