Beware of Tyranny More Than Covid-19

by Steve Apfel
American Thinker

To fight a pandemic responsible for fewer deaths than the Asian flu of 1957­–58, we’ve been schooled to think and behave like the abject oppressed of North Korea.

  • We let bureaucrats decide for us what businesses are more important than others to society.
  • Without a squeak we acquiesce to being put under de facto house arrest.
  • We hardly blink when troops are deployed to enforce lockdown.
  • People believe they’re doing their duty by reporting on neighbors.
  • Passively, we observe our right to protest neatly cut off when public gatherings are outlawed in the name of social distancing.
  • We accept the obligation to go bankrupt and hungry as the cost of beating the virus but don’t expect our lawmakers to make the same sacrifice that they imposed on us.

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