An In-Depth Look at American Propaganda, Operation Mockingbird, & Mind Control

by Mac Slavo

Even though most Americans now realize that the mainstream media lies to them and uses propaganda to push the enslavement narrative of the ruling class elitists, most still consume it. Many others still know things aren’t right, but don’t use the critical thinking skills necessary to ever be free from their mental chains.

Because we’ve seen so much ridiculous agenda-pushing in the past few months, let’s take a look at all of this propaganda, fear-mongering, and mind control brought to us by the mainstream media and the CIA. Denial is the worst thing we can engage upon as this situation is unfolding. Bottom line, no-rose colored glasses expectation is; there will be no quick recovery and there is a high probability that we’ll have to endure severe austerity for years, as the media engages in a strategy of psychological operations on Americans.

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