A Modest Alternative to a Massive State Pension Bailout

by William Sullivan
American Thinker

Interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy praises Donald Trump for having been supportive of New Jersey’s health care needs, but Wallace reminds him:

One area, however, Governor, where you haven’t gotten help, either from the president or from Senate Republicans, is on the question of state aid — federal aid, passed by Congress, signed by the president — to go to states like yours to pay for, uh, first responders, teachers, and all the services, with the huge revenue hit that you’ve taken because of the coronavirus. You’ve said this week — your word — that if you don’t get state aid, it’s gonna be “Armageddon.”

“That’s a fact,” says Murphy, continuing:

This isn’t about the old legacy stuff, we’ve been taking care of that. This is about firefighters, police, EMS, teachers at the point of attack, we’re already seeing some layoffs in New Jersey. We need a big slug of federal, direct cash assistance.

“The old legacy stuff.” That’s a pretty sly means of referencing New Jersey’s notoriously bloated pension promises that were negotiated and enshrined by generations of corrupt union bosses and state legislators.

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