E.B. Tucker: This is No Longer a Free Market Economy

from Palisade Radio

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Collin welcomes back E.B. Tucker to Palisade Radio. Mr. Tucker is a founder and director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming as well as a senior analyst and writer for Casey Research.

E.B. says, “This is the last chance that people have to move assets… in what we are learning is a completely controlled economy.” We have moved from a cyclical economy where recessions clean out the undergrowth to a warped crisis economy where politicians and banks determine who and what survives.

We are heading for a complete reset. These crisis events will become more dramatic and increasingly like the former Soviet system. Expect universal basic income, more modern monetary theory followed by increasing capital controls, and eventually a crypto dollar that tracks everyone. With massive debt expansion, $4000 gold looks increasingly realistic quite soon.


Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Metalla listed on the NYSE
1:45 – Last chance to move your assets.
4:35 – Headed for a complete reset.
6:20 – Crisis events become more dramatic.
7:15 – What the next crisis will bring.
10:30 – Gov’t taking advantage of a crisis.
12:50 – 51 million in new debt per COVID death.
15:50 – His new price target for gold.
18:40 – What’s happening at Metalla.

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