U.K. Health Minister Tests Positive for Covid-19; Bernie and Biden Cancel Rallies

from Zero Hedge

[…] NYC-based bankers better have a bugout base in Antarctica, because all the suburban bedroom communities preferred by wealthy financiers have already been infected with the coronavirus: Westchester, New Jersey, Fairfield County and Long Island (though thankfully not the Hamptons) have all reported cases of the virus (even scarier: a handful of infections have no clear connection to another case, potentially offering a glimpse into what might be a much wider ‘community outbreak’).

At around 11 pm on Monday, as thousands of financial professionals were probably passed out, exhausted after the most brutal trading day since the financial crisis, New Jersey Gov. and former Goldmanite Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency or some kind of public health emergency in New Jersey, joining Washington, Missouri, Florida, Maryland, New York and others (in Missouri, St. Louis has activated ’emergency operations).

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