The U.S. Economy Has Come to a Standstill, Satellite Imagery Shows

Satellite imagery combined with alternative data gives a stark look at the U.S. situation during the coronavirus pandemic.

by Michael Sheetz

The coronavirus crisis is bringing the United States economy to a screeching halt, with every sector feeling the effects of most of the country’s workforce staying home.

Satellite imagery combined with other photographic evidence and alternative data sources give a stark look at the U.S. situation: Airplanes are parked on unused runways, the busiest highways are empty during rush hour times, resorts have become ghost towns, ports are seeing sharp drops in shipping activity and more.

The U.S. now has more coronavirus cases than any other nation in the world, as Johns Hopkins University data shows 104,837 cases in the States. Transportation, hospitality and other service industries were the first hit as both leisure and business travel is now limited to what is considered essential.

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