The Government Has Been Secretly Stockpiling for a Pandemic

by Mac Slavo

Back in 2016, the government was exposed as secretly stockpiling supplies to help them survive a pandemic. These supplies aren’t for saving us, but for saving them. Somewhere, there is a sprawling system of government storage facilities so secret that the American people can’t be told where they are, or what is kept in them.

But it is clear they were (and still are) gearing up for something. These secret facilities are apparently in place to support the logistics of a response to an unprecedented disaster the likes of which no one has ever seen, or perhaps even conceived of in this country.

Secret Government Warehouse Stockpiling for Pandemic: “Can’t Be Discussed Publicly”

One thing is certain: the federal government has what is surely the largest stockpile of emergency equipment and medical supplies that has ever been assembled.

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