The Democratic Party’s Collapse Has Become Sad, Democrats Request Biden Can Sit Down at Next Debate

from Tim Pool

The Democratic Party’s Collapse Has Become SAD, Democrats Request Biden Can SIT DOWN At Next Debate. The Best the Democratic party has to offer us is Joe Biden, a man who can’t talk and routinely speaks in incoherent gibberish.

The DNC now needs him to be able to sit down during the next democratic debate and Bernie Sanders is livid calling them out for giving Biden favors.

Biden’s “gaffes” have gotten so bad that recently he said he was running for US senate and to “vote for the other Biden.” Even Joe Rogan recently said that Biden can’t be president after he failed to say the word god several times.

Bernie is in a close second and while he is an insurgent candidate running against the establishment, his far left views are not popular and many predict he will drive swing voters to Trump.

Biden seems poised to take the nomination which proves the democratic party is completely done. Trump is going to absolutely dominate Biden in the debates and we all know it.


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