Ross Beaty: Fabulous Gold Stock Buying Opportunity Right Now

from Mining Stock Education

Mining entrepreneur Ross Beaty believes it is an excellent time to invest in gold and gold equities. In this interview, Ross stated: “it’s obviously a fabulous buying opportunity right now, especially anything with gold attached to it. Because gold has such fabulous fundamentals today. Probably the best that I’ve seen in my entire career… People are going to put some of their money into gold as a long-term store of value and its price will go up. So anything with gold in it is likely to be good.”

In addition to providing commentary on the recent sell-off and volatility in the gold stocks, Ross specifically shares why he has invested in Lumina Gold and its spin-out company Luminex Resources: “you’ve got so many shots of big, big value creators in this company, it was a very easy thing for me to participate in. And I think I’m now the largest shareholder at 20%. I would buy the stock every day if I could. It’s just a really, really great exploration speculation with multiple assets, any one of which could give you a multiple of where the stock is trading that today. So it’s cheap, well-managed. It’s got enough capital to follow its business plan for the year. Those are all things, the things I look for in an excellent speculation and Lumina Gold has that in spades. Luminex has that I would say even more. So that’s why I’m an investor.”

Ross Beaty is a geologist and resource entrepreneur with over 45 years of experience in the international minerals and renewable energy industries. He is an internationally recognized leader in both non-renewable and renewable resource development, having founded and divested several companies. In addition to Pan American Silver, Ross is the Chairman of Equinox Gold Corp., a mid-tier gold producer.

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