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[Ed. Note: How is the whole world not understanding this simple and obvious reality? When you load 2,666 generally elderly passengers (plus another 1,045 crew members) onto a floating petri dish, and test ALL OF THEM multiple times, you will get fairly accurate data… When 712 test positive, and only 11 of them die (where almost all of them, if not completely all of them, had unrelated underlying medical conditions) non-retarded people would generally conclude that the Chinese Shangdie Kung Flu is simply not as serious as we’re being lead to believe by the fear-mongering, nonsensical, hyperbolic BS that the MSM is peddling daily. That’s a 1.54% death-rate in an environment that’s HEAVILY skewed towards the elderly. Come on, people. WAKE UP. They’re lying to you. The American economy is being trashed, and taxpayers are being looted for a gigantic lie. This is so obvious that the U.K. government removed it from their list of high consequence infectious diseases a week ago. Italy has a population of over 60 million people and the death rate in a completely normal year is 10.7 deaths for every 1000 people. This means that on a completely normal (average) day in Italy, 1,773 people die of something. Do you HONESTLY believe that Italy’s morgues can’t handle 8,000 new customers? If you’re still terrified, what would it take to convince you that this is largely a heap of overblown nonsense? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.]

by Karl Denninger

Just now….

She just stated what I’ve been saying since the Diamond Princess.

Either (1) R0 is wrong (e.g. as I’ve postulated, perhaps — likely — a trinominal) or (2) the virus has a very high silent attack rate, was here for months before we knew it, and the cases it generated were in the noise of ordinary flu with negative tests, which are endemic every year.

Or both.

Literally since Diamond Princess was quarantined I’ve stated one or both had to be true. I’ve pointed it out every single day in podcasts and Tickers. It was obvious from the experience on the ship. It was also obvious when Wuhan unlocked and didn’t have an instant explosion in new cases. It was obvious when South Korea was able to get the virus under control. It was obvious when Japan didn’t instantly detonate when they didn’t lock anything down.

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