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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to New York Times best-selling author, Max Lugavere, (Author, “Genius Foods”) to discuss his journey researching brain health and his new book “The Genius Life: Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary.” He discusses the major blind spots of modern medicine in fighting disease; lifestyle, diet and healthy living. He shares how to support your brain through diet, as well as what foods are best for preventing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Max also discusses how the standard American diet of processed food not only lacks nutritional value, but is designed to make it difficult to even try to eat healthy. He explains why we should think of food as medicine and fight disease before it even starts. He explains that our modern healthcare system needs to shift away from treating illness with pharmaceuticals and focus on disease prevention instead. Max also discusses the importance of getting enough collagen in your diet and the potential benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms. He stresses the importance of eating dark leafy greens everyday and the nutritional benefits to brain health. He also gives his take on the potential benefits of the carnivore diet, also known as the lion diet. He discusses how this and other elimination diets can be very beneficial in fighting autoimmune diseases and reducing inflammation in the body. He gives his opinion on other diets such as paleo and low carb as well. He also shares the little known potential dangers of using hand sanitizers while at the grocery store. All this and more.

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