My Previous Company Rose 18-Fold in 14 Months After the 2008 Crash, with Ivan Bebek of Auryn Resources

from Mining Stock Education

Ivan Bebek of Auryn Resources (TSX: AUG / NYSE AMERICAN: AUG) knows how to create shareholder value amidst a market crash. During the 2008 market crash, Ivan Bebek’s previous company Keegan Resources’ share price went from $5.75 down to $.49 amidst their 5M oz gold discovery. At the time Keegan had $8 million in the bank. A handful of shareholders panicked and sold while new opportunistic investors bought Keegan at a severe discount. Fourteen months later Keegan’s share price was $9 and those savvy investors that bought after the sell-off booked an amazing 18-fold gain.

Ivan is seeing a similar setup for Auryn Resources right now as Auryn’s shares have been on sale due to the market crash. Like Keegan, Auryn Resources is cashed-up having just raised $15M and is in the midst of creating value through discovery, especially as the Sombrero project is on the verge of being drilled. In this interview, Ivan shares how Auryn will proceed through this crisis and continue to build shareholder value.

Auryn Resources is a technically-driven, well-financed junior exploration company focused on finding and advancing globally significant precious and base metal deposits. Auryn’s technical and management teams have an impressive track record of successfully monetizing assets for all stakeholders and local communities in which it operates. Auryn Resources conducts itself to the highest standards of corporate governance and sustainability.

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