My God, Its Full of Stars

by Karl Denninger

I’m hearing anecdotal reports that material numbers of hospitals are starting to stockpile and use hydroxychloroquine as part of their Covid-19 response protocols.

Now theoretically it is now available on “compassionate use” and “right to try” sort of situations, but that’s a one-off and someone has to request it. These reports imply that these medical facilities either are now or are preparing to go much further than “one-offs” and start to use this as a front-line response to people coming in long before they get to the serious or critical stage, which is where the “right to try” stuff kicks in.

That is very important, because as I’ve noted once you get to the point where critical support is necessary in a given case the data we have from other places (e.g. Wuhan) says your survival odds are near zero.

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