Jaime Carrasco: Global Currency Chess Game in Progress

from Palisade Radio

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Jaime discusses the repo system and how it works as a leading indicator of financial turmoil. He expects an ongoing and increasing economic crisis with significant liquidity issues. There is a global currency reserve reset coming and a battle behind the scenes over who will control the next financial system.

Time Stamp References:
0:50 – Repo market foretells market crashes.
2:15 – Fed only knows how to throw money.
4:10 – Bond market importance.
7:10 – Approaches to avoiding loss
10:00 – The global currency chess game.
13:00 – Dangerous deflationary cycle.
15:00 – Numerous problems in the banking system.
16:00 – Pandemic lessons in manufacturing.
18:00 – Blockchain technology & exchange risks.
21:45 – Republican election potential in 2020.
25:00 – Where he gets information from.
26:45 – Relief rally or dead cat bounce?
27:30 – Opportunities in producers.

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