Don’t Be Dangerously Misled by the Rallies

by Rick Ackerman

Over the weekend, we learned enough about the virus to understand why things won’t be trending even remotely back to normal by Easter, as some may have hoped. Grave uncertainties will remain for possibly much longer, including whether spring break will turn out to be a devastating vector of contagion. In early January, a friend’s son, big (6’3?), strong and healthy, was among the first Americans to get what turned out to be coronavirus. He is a math student at a top university in Boston, and this was shortly after many of his Asian classmates returned to the U.S. after visiting their families over Christmas. Initially he experienced a sore throat and a 105 fever. Doctors were not looking for Covid-19 back then, and so it took ten days for them to order up a scan that revealed viral pneumonia. Thirty days later, he had not completely recovered, although the most debilitating symptoms had abated. He might just as easily have died. His mother, who lives in South Florida, is asthmatic and remains in a very strict state of self-quarantine. She does not leave her home for any reason, receives no callers, and scrupulously sanitizes any food or packages left at her door.

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