Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn
The Burning Platform

[…] Since the advent and spread of COVID-19, we’ve been presented with “new and improved” Orwellian terminology every week. Designations such as “flatten the curve“, “community spread”, “social distancing” and, even, “density mitigation” have become part of our collective vocabulary. And just as new forms of thought control were introduced by the globalists via Political Correctness, so, too, have terms like “social distancing”, “sheltering in place”, and “self-quarantine” launched virtue signaling to entirely new levels. It has been stunning to watch.

And what is even more amazing is the sheer power of electronic media’s imprint upon the collective psyche. Six feet of separation or six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Because five is not enough and seven is overkill, right?

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