Wildfire Insanity: Now AU

by Karl Denninger

The glo-bull scolds are at it again, this time with regard to Australia and their wildfire problem.

Let me remind you of a few facts:

1. Australia, just like our western states, has enacted laws prohibiting both controlled burns and the responsible burning of brush and similar debris on private land. As a result there is no legal way that people who own land can clear accumulations of flammable underbrush and dispose of it in a responsible manner so wildfires do not have nearly as much fuel to consume. This is basic forest and brushland management and has been practiced for decades with success. Environmental screamers have prohibited it both in Australia and on our West Coast, and now we’re seeing the direct results.

2. It now turns out that there have been nearly 200 arson arrests for both arson and careless acts starting brushfires this fire season. Who knows how many other firebugs started fires and didn’t get caught. In addition what we do not know is if these are simple “firebugs” who like to see things burn or if they’re environmental whackjobs who are starting fires so they can bitch about “global warming.”

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