United States Currency Collapse: How Historical Patterns Illustrate an Economic Reset


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A very important question was asked form one of our viewers Christopher R…he said:

“Historically, when a Fiat Currency Resets, it can have several Resets within a few years time (which is correct). What are some historical Economic Resets from modern times where currencies had collapsed, and over what time frame were these Resets, that can be used to compare to the US Reset?” He went on to explain the real reason he wants to know this is so he can estimate when to sell his gold & silver and how long to wait before he does.

In this video I’ll not only answer this question by showing you the hard facts and data, but I’ll explain the biggest difference between currency resets in previous countries, versus the reality of what will happen after the United States Currency Collapses. And if you want to make it out on the other side of this transition with any of your wealth left over, this is imperative to understand.


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