The Guggenheim “#1 Conviction Trade”

by Craig Hemke
Gold Seek

At the recently completed World Economic Forum in Davos, many interesting stories and headlines emerged. Here’s one you may have missed.

In our 2020 forecast, we wrote that you should expect higher gold and silver prices this year due to a continuation of the trends from 2019. And we expect great things for “all forms of precious metal” as the global investment community slowly begins to add asset allocation to the sector. If you missed this forecast in January, here’s the link:…

As 2019 ended, global asset allocation to the entire precious metals sector remained under 1%. And by the term “sector”, we mean not just physical metal but all of the substitutes too: futures contracts, unallocated accounts, ETFs, and the mining shares. So what will happen if continued debt monetization, QE, and negative interest rates combine to drive global asset allocation to 2%? Or 3%?

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