Phillip Streible: Mitigating Portfolio Risk with Commodity Exposure

from Palisade Radio

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Phillip discusses why gold is a prudent hedge today since most stocks are near all-time highs. Most investors currently have a perilous portfolio, which makes this is a good time to diversify into precious metals and other commodities that are undervalued. He gives his opinion on why palladium will continue to rise due to current supply-demand dynamics.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Stock market valuations, uncertainty, and bubbles.
2:00 – Cannabis and cryptocurrencies.
3:50 – How commodity markets have changed.
5:50 – Psychology mind game of trading.
8:00 – Repo markets, money printing, and the Fed.
10:00 – Favorite books and lessons.
11:40 – Palladium can still go higher.

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