Media Struggles to Confront Their Failures in Covering Michael Avenatti

The media, who spent substantial time covering celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, has struggled to confront their failures following his conviction Friday.

by Shelby Talcott

Media personalities who spent years bolstering celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti were forced to address his Friday conviction and struggled to admit their failures in how they covered him.

Multiple journalists spoke over the weekend about how they covered Avenatti. Outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and ABC gave him a platform with some even suggesting that he could take down President Donald Trump. Avenatti was convicted Friday on three charges related to his scheme to extort over $20 million from the sportswear and apparel company Nike.

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin admitted on Feb. 14, the same day of Avenatti’s conviction, that he felt tricked because he took the celebrity lawyer so seriously over the years. Avenatti rose to notoriety for being porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer in a case against Trump.

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