I’m in Awe of How Tesla is Now a Supernatural Phenomenon

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

The WTF stock chart of the year. And another WTF chart of just how tiny Tesla is compared to the top 10 automakers.

Tesla’s shares spiked another 20% this morning, or by $160, to $940 a share. Every time I write a few words, I have to go back and change the number again, because the price just keeps shooting higher. So far this year, TSLA has shot up 120%.

It could very well be that by this evening, shares are down by $300 or whatever, or that they’re at $1,100. They’re floating up high in the outer space or irrationality, and can go anywhere. So this the WTF chart of the new year with Tesla’s share price frozen at 9:51 AM Eastern Time (stock price data via YCHARTS):

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