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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Benny Johnson (Chief Creative Officer of Turning Point USA) about the importance of memes in today’s politics. He shares a recent TPUSA Benny On The Block segment where he took to the street to ask protesters who are protesting the impeachment proceedings against President Trump if Trump should be impeached for various events that occur in the Star Wars saga. The protesters do their best to try to answer Benny’s questions relating to General Grievous and whether or not Emperor Palpatine should dissolve the imperial senate. Benny shares why memes, particularly Star Wars memes and prequel memes help take complex political topics and makes them understandable. Most importantly Benny describes why political memes using pop culture references help get young people more interested in politics and bring them into the conversation. Benny also gives his analysis on why Trump understands the internet, but more importantly how he understands audiences. He suggests that throughout his career Trump has always gone to where the audience is and currently that is social media. He also gives an insider’s look at the Social Media Summit that was held at the White House and how crazy it was to see the Grand Foyer of the White House decorated with large printed out memes. Benny also shares his experience of what it’s like to live in Washington DC during the impeachment hearings of Donald Trump. From his experience it seems like no one cares. He contrasts it with his experience of being in DC during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings which couldn’t be avoided wherever you went. He also discusses how the corporate media has been pushing the case for impeachment hard since the fall but it has not amounted to anymore of the public being properly informed or even caring about the issue. He suspects that this may be a sign of mainstream media’s waning influence on public opinion. Benny also discusses the future of the DNC and why he thinks the Democratic party is doomed to lose due to their choosing losing tactics that only make their tent smaller and smaller.

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