Frank Holmes: Frank Holmes: Trouble in China and the Outlook for Gold

from Palisade Radio

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Frank discusses the copper markets and the effects that the coronavirus is having on Asia and the markets. The Fed is continuing to print money and continues to consider lowering interest rates, all of which are positive for gold. He discusses how quants can outperform traditional investing methods. Goldspot, with their exceptional team and artificial analysis, are helping companies make discoveries and reduce exploration expenses.

Time Stamp References:
1:00 – China, PMI, and Copper.
2:30 – Tariffs and Economic Conditions.
5:40 – Airlines in his ETF
8:00 – Election years and strong economies.
9:00 – Hive Blockchain and crypto markets.
14:40 – Quant analysis vs. Technical Analysis
19:00 – Market Volatility and Gold.

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