Fed Cannot Stop Money Printing – Craig Hemke with Greg Hunter

Craig Hemke – The Fed is Monetizing the Debt

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

A year ago, financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted the Fed would be forced to return to money printing. He was right. Hemke also predicted this would be bullish for gold and silver prices. He was right again. Now, Hemke says, unlike the other times, this time, the Fed will not be able to stop the money printing. Hemke explains, “You’ve got to keep printing cash to service all this accumulated trillions and trillions of dollars of debt. You can’t grow your way out of it. You have to print your way out of it. They can’t let the stock market go down. I think it’s a $20 trillion total market cap. If it went down by 25%, it would be $15 trillion. That would be $5 trillion that would just go poof, and now, your liquidity crisis is that much worse. . . . They can’t afford to let it go down because it will exacerbate the liquidity crisis.”

On the China Coronavirus, Hemke says, “It’s bad enough with all the people dying and everything, but this didn’t just get fixed. It didn’t just get cured. There are still Chinese cities that are quarantined. Flights to Hong Kong, even now, are being suspended. All of this is going to impact the global economy . . . and it’s going to make the central banks print even more cash. . . . They cannot afford to let it (stock market and economy) go down.”

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