Democrats Are Selling Their Souls in Desperation to Defeat Trump, Bloomberg is Buying the Election

from Tim Pool

Democrats Are Selling Their Souls In Desperation To Defeat Trump, Bloomberg Is Buying The Election. Michael Bloomberg has dumped over 400 million dollars into this campaign and so far that is chump change to him.

Bloomberg is worth around 62 Billion dollars and represents everything Democrats should oppose. But money talks and now Bloomberg is sitting in the polling aggregate at 14% or 3rd place nationally.

Progressives have mounted a fierce defense calling him out as he seeks to unseat Bernie Sanders as the Democratic frontrunner.

The DNC And Democratic Establishment know it, Trump is unstoppable. They have tried everything under the sun and it has failed. Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Impeachment, nothing has worked.

The DC elite are reeling and becoming unhinged fearing a Trump 2020 landslide.

But Republican and Democrat alike, the populist wings crossed the line first. You squeezed the Democratic establishment, made them desperate, and in their desperation they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.

Already reports are flying about various progressive activists being offered exorbitant cash to promote his campaign, he’s buying meme posts, and flooding media with ads.

All the while the Democratic establishment is changing the rules to let him on the debate stage.

Bloomberg represents true fear, a last resort, the abandonment of principle for the sake of winning. He is everything they claim Trump to be and worse.


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