Cut Off Californicated

by Karl Denninger

You gotta be kidding me.

Pedotown has always been….. odd.

But praising Karl Marx? Yes, that’s what they did during the Oscars. Really. Straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

I’m used to these buttclowns taking cheap shots at animal husbandry, which was also on display. You know, the premise that a cow has human rights, and thus, well, we can’t artificially inseminate it without it’s consent (which it can’t give, since it can’t talk) and then when it gives birth it has a right to the calf. Of course that is turned upside down when it comes to humans, in that these very same nutjobs believe a woman can kill a born child with impunity, said child is not human (otherwise it too would have rights) and, I remind you, that artificial insemination on demand is a right.

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