China is Literally Dragging People Out of Their Homes and Sending Them to “Mass Quarantine Camps”

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

How would you like to be dragged out of your home and shipped off to a camp? Sadly, that is what is happening to countless numbers of Chinese citizens right now. Anyone that is sick or anyone that has been in contact with anyone that is sick is being rounded up and sent to a “mass quarantine camp”. In some cases, people are literally being dragged out of their homes kicking and screaming. If this virus was only about as dangerous as the common flu, China would not be resorting to such draconian measures. Of course once someone gets sent to a camp where they are surrounded by hordes of others that are already infected, it is inevitable that person will become infected too. So in a lot of cases, getting shipped off to one of these “mass quarantine camps” will essentially be a death sentence.

At first, Chinese authorities were literally locking sick people into their own homes, but apparently they did not feel that was being effective enough.

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